A typical pine cone shaped cluster

Chef Christian DeBari of Milan's Due Spade
enjoys a Castelli Pinot
Pinot Noir is one of the most transparent varieties; it is said to reflect it's growing site like no other. The concept of 'terroir' can be traced back to the Burgundy region of 14th Century France, where winemaking Cistercian Monks realized that small changes in location would produce very different wines even from the same vitis. They believed these differences were messages from God and their goal was not to blur the message.

Situated in the Green Valley AVA of Russian River Valley, our Pinot Noir vineyards are graced by mid-summer temperatures that are generally cooler than inland areas. This microclimate produces wines that are naturally higher in acidity and more structured, with a bright and distinct fruit profile.

The vines are not likely to see a drop of rain after veraison through harvest, and dry farming keeps the yield low, flavorful, and disease free. In this sense it is truly a transparent wine, reflective of the area and season.

Our Pinots are always aged in neutral French oak barrels for 3 yrs, and then bottle aged before release. We believe that the elegance of this varietal is at its best when unmasked by toasted oak flavors.

Fresh goat cheeses and grilled wild salmon are very Pinot friendly
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